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Weekly Links Roundup: December 12, 2010

Cool Ideas:

Intermission: This Is How Cities and Technology Should Work (Good Magazine)

An awesome four minute animated video about the possibilities afforded by mobile technology in the not so distant future. The smartphone/iPad revolution has many more productivity and quality of life gains to provide before it’s all said and done, especially now that people are getting excited by possible monetary gains in the tech world again.

LEAKED: Here’s Groupon’s Secret Copywriting Guide (Business Insider)

A fascinating insight into the writing style Groupon uses over its email listserv. Very good writing tips for marketing, if nothing else.

Car Commuting Without Driving: Computerized Convoy Hits The Road (Fast Company)

Although Google’s self-driving car was really cool, this idea seems to have a lot more promise as a realistic application of self-driving cars. Combining the concept of trains with driving could allow for a better driving experience, optimized speeds to conserve fuel, while improving the quality of life for people with long commutes. Too many people are wasting hours of their weeks in a car doing things computers could do for them. We’re not all going to have access to high speed trains anytime soon, so ideas like this based more in economic realities are going to be essential.

Great commentary:

Nassim Taleb Imitates Kanye West (Falkenblog)

I haven’t read Nassim Taleb’s new book (nor do I plan to), but this was an awesomely-written review of Taleb’s new book. Interesting parallel between the two public figures as well.

NYTimes writes trend piece abt how effing hipsters use laptops in coffee shops (Hipster Runoff (semi-NSFW))

Hilarious social commentary as always from Hipster Runoff on the New York Times’ latest piece on “Laptopistan.”

America Underestimates – and Misunderstands – Its Economic Strengths (The Atlantic)

This piece by James Fallows is an inspiring call to action for all Americans in an age when there is far too much pessimism about the long-term prospects for the American economy floating around in popular media than is truly warranted.


Gorillaz To Release Free iPad-Made LP On Christmas Day (Sterogum)


Prime Minister’s Questions turns into Smiths reference contest (Foreign Policy)

People would actually watch C-Span if American politics were like this.

Infographic: Girl Talk’s Latest Mashup Masterpiece Deconstructed (Fast Company)

I’m a sucker for infographics. This is a particularly cool one.

Other stuff:

China snubs Nobel with rival peace prize (FT (paywall))

The Chinese government quickly backtracked from this prize after it became clear the whole thing was a major debacle, but it’s incredible how the Chinese often cope with uncomfortable realities in the information age by creating a parallel universe that suits their needs.

The year in lists….so far (Quick Before It Melts)

Great roundup of the best albums of 2010  lists from various sources. I had thought about putting one of these together, but thanks to QBiM for doing the work for everyone else.