Supposedly Good

Supposedly Good was started in December 2010 and is written by a recent college grad who moved to Manhattan that same year, working in the corporate world.

The blog was inspired by a number of sources, the most important of which are a number of my friends (see “Friends of Supposedly Good”) who have used blogs to keep in touch with their interests since graduating college.

Supposedly Good will try to focus on new music and the New York City restaurants scene, but will occasionally delve into other areas where people are doing creative and interesting things (such as art, architecture, urban planning, technology, etc).

From time to time the blog will offer ratings and rankings on these topics. The rating scale that will be used is explicitly attempting to mimic/mock the highly arbitrary Pitchfork 0.0-10.0 scale that has come to dominate the cultural landscape (similar to Immaculate Infatuation, but more with more rated subjects). Hopefully behind the arbitrary rating, there will be some well thought-out and most importantly useful (but not expert) commentary on the subject of the review.

Why the name “Supposedly Good”? For information on that, see the first blog post (to be written soon!) describing in more detail what this is all about.

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